Why see a naturopath?

Seeing a naturopath can be a really new experience if you have never had a consultation with any complementary health practitioners before. The biggest difference you will notice is the time spent in each consultation. Unlike the general GP model of 10-15 minute appointments, naturopaths will spend at least 45 minutes with you for each and every appointment. 

This might seem like a long time but the way that we approach the body is very holistic. We understand that while you may be currently experiencing symptoms in one area, your whole body, your health history and even your family history can play a big role in why you are feeling like this. 

An initial consultation involves a lot of information gathering. We might ask you about your diet, your sleep patterns, your bowel motions, your recovery time from colds and flus, your menstrual cycle and many other areas of health that might seem irrelevant to you. But to us, this information is priceless as we know that everything in the body is interconnected. 

Our naturopaths are ready to assist you with a natural remedy to any health concern you may have.

A treatment plan will then be formulated for you and may involve a combination of herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, diet alterations and lifestyle advice. Most naturopaths will use a combination of these as this is where we get the best results. There is unfortunately no magic pill but instead a gradual shift in the way you approach your health with the gentle help of herbs and nutrients. 

Naturopaths love to educate you and take a lot of pleasure in explaining how your body works. There is nothing more empowering than coming into a consultation and leaving feeling like you understand yourself more deeply and have a plan for improving your quality of life. For this reason, we don’t need to see you every week but instead we give you the tools and knowledge to take your health into your own hands. 

Ideally, we get to the point where you don’t need us at all, however, due to the fact that we are getting to the root cause of your symptoms rather than just covering them up, progress can take time. Feeling better should be gradual to be sustained which means that collaborating with a naturopath may span a number of months, it may involve testing and it will most certainly involve effort on your side. 

Having said that, we will formulate your treatment plan together so that it suits your lifestyle and is achievable for you. No two bodies are the same and therefore no two treatments will be the same. If you know there is something you would like some individually tailored advice for, reach out to a naturopath and get started on your journey to long-term wellness